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hey all just a question probly been asked 1000 times i got a pretty crapy case and having some dramas with heat and just wonder what would be a decent case to buy with around $150. and also im looking at updating my graphics from a old 8800gts pretty crap i know. i've got a striker extreme mobo and a 8500 cpu. willing to spend around $300 per card.
plz help cant play games the things nearly catching on fire lol
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  1. Ok. You might want spend some more 50 bucks for 5850 or for around 170 you can get 5770 which is still a good option. And for this cpu you have I wouldnt go now forr 2x5770 or 5850. I'd buy one 5770, upgrade to something four or more core and then think of another 5770. Thermaltake V9 seems pretty good and on newegg you can get it for 80 after rebate which gives you an opportunity to save for 5850 which is much better than 5770. That's what I would do. Hope I helped!
  2. Have you though of cleaning the dust off the components it will help or by adding better fans or better cable management.

    When it comes to cases it comes to personal preference: looks, cooling, quality.

    Here are couple in that range: These will offer great cooling.

    Antec Nine Hundred Two Black
    Thermaltake Element G

    Hehe i had a similar set up striker extreme with e6600 and 8800gtx.

    As for a video card:

  3. sarsoft lists some great cases, another for you to consider could be the LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62.

    If you wanted to get something cheaper the Antec Three Hundred Illusion is a great case too, though arguably less roomy than the bigger cases mentioned.

    As for video card, I would want to know at what resolution you game before offering any advice as to what card to get.
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