Laptop can't boot windows xp cd or usb

I have a laptop running windows 7. I do basic gaming(very old games) on it, along with office applications. My problem is, it only has 1GB of DDR2 ram(512mb x 2) so it runs windows 7 painfully slowly. I decided to rollback to windows xp and see if it would work better, but the windows xp cd that i bought does not boot up. I also decided to borrow one from a friend and unfortunately that did not work either. I also used a tool to create a windows xp bootable flash drive, but that did not work either. However, my windows 7 home premium dvd boots up perfectly.
Here are my system specs:
Pentium T3400@ 2.16GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium SP1
120GB HDD @ 5400RPM
Intel GMA X3100
512mb x 2 DDR2 400 RAM
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  2. you should consider getting 4 gigs of ram for $50
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