I5-2500k Turbo Boost OC - Can't go over 4.3ghz

Hey ya'll,

I have had my I5-2500k on a basic Turbo Boost OC at 4.3ghz stable. Now that I got a 2560x1440 monitor and a GTX 680, I'd like to set that OC up to at least 4.7ghz or so, making sure that my CPU is not the bottleneck for high end gaming. I am not interested in a 24/7 OC --

So, I have read a million guides and I have a P67A UD3 Gigabyte board. I set my boost ratio to 43 (4.3ghz) and my TPL wattage to 200. It works 100% stable. If I go to 44 or ANYTHING higher, I don't get past post and I get stuck in a boot loop. I have read MANY users that can easily get to 4.5-4.8 on stock voltages using this method but I can't seem to get past 4.3 which seems really low.

I have a lot of experience with OCing prior to the Sandy Bridge so feel free to share your knowledge :sol:

PS - This is my exact same board and CPU. I tried this and same reboot/loop as before :

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  1. Not all 2500K's can go over 4.3.

    Your cpu will not be a bottleneck even at stock speeds, so be happy you got more than you paid for already.
  2. geekapproved said:
    Not all 2500K's can go over 4.3.

    Your cpu will not be a bottleneck even at stock speeds, so be happy you got more than you paid for already.

    Do you think I should try a full OC to test that theory? I don't know if my BIOS isn't liking the Turbo OC settings above 4.3..
  3. I had that problem with my 2500k before and no one really helped me. It was strange because when I added a sound card to my build and altered some bios settings, I was able to surpass 4.3GHz. I do not know the exact reason why this happened but maybe you should play around with the bios settings a little more. (I have had the turbo boost set to 4.5GHz stable and haven't really tired higher)

  4. I can get up to 4.9 ghz stable if I disable all the power saving features and turbo boost. If I hit set mutliplier to 5.0ghz, it does the same thing: reboot loop at post. I even cranked my vCore up to 1.5v.

    If I try to do anything with Turbo Boost, I can't get past 4.3 ghz. In my BIOS, you can set the turbo wattage (Why not voltage) but even cranking that up, it just reboots at POST.. strange.
  5. I was just hoping to get around 4.8ghz with Turbo Boost --

    PS -- I have watercooling so even at 1.495 vcore on load, my CPU on Realtemp doesn't over 58 C.
  6. Hey all. I'm kinda new to OCing, as I've never really had any mutual need for it. But since I have the CPU and board that will allow me to do so, I want to just get an idea of what I can shoot for and what to expect.

    I have an i5 2500K like the beforementioned person on here, running a Gigabyte Z68A-D3H-B3 board and using Corsair Vengeance DDR3 memory. I just purchased a Hyper 212+ HSF and want to get an idea of what I can OC this bad boy to. I'm ideally looking at around 4.0 GHz just to start off, but would not mind shooting higher if it is attainable.

    In the OCing department, I'm really a noob at it. So if someone can give me a small walkthrough, and expectation to set for myself, I will be deeply grateful. Thank you! :-)
  7. Just to backtrack, I ended up buying a Cooler Master Hyper 212+ HSF and OCing my CPU easily to 4.3 GHz. Temps are running at around an average of 25-30 C° on Windows 7 running Piriform Speccy on idle, and around 55-60 C° on 100% load. Highest temp reached was around 65 C°, even after stress testing the CPU for over 24 hours and turning my room into a sauna lol. From the looks of it, I'd say it is running OK.
  8. malmental -

    Yes from the ease I have had with this chip so far, I'm inclined to agree with you. I upgraded from a Core 2 Duo E4500 and have been nothing but impressed with this chip so far :)

    From what I read, I saw you don't like pushing CPU's higher than 4.9 GHZ. I'm just trying to see what kind of bang for my buck I can get, and you don't need to walk me through trying to do so either, but if you really wanted to, is over 5GHz possible on air cooling or are we looking more or less towards water cooling? I've always been skeptical about using water cooling just cause well..... water + computers just never sounds like they mix well if something were to go wrong
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