First Rig, 1K budget game rig, need some help, compatibility check!

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: 11/30 maybe by cyber monday or tomorrow night. I'm counting on the Newegg/Bing Cashback and lower prices on friday.

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Games, Schoolwork, Web browsing, Videos. Office word, E

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: Already have a samsung 19 inch and a G5 Mouse



OVERCLOCKING: Yes / No / Maybe SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Yes / No / Maybe
Yes for overclocking. Maybe sli in the future when i have another.

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1900X1200, < idk anything viewable not necessary the biggest.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: Comptuer that will be ok for the next 2-3 years, doesn't have to be the best but workable for games like TF2, Modern Warfare 2, L4D2, CS:S, Different new games nothing insane. Maybe run crossfire later when i get enough to buy another card or when the price goes down and add in some extra ram!

My current set up is this!
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  1. I'm sorry if the picture is difficult to read, if anyone wants to substitute any other pieces or recommend anything else. The GPU, the 4890 is good? I hope :p, i dont have the cash for a 5870

    AND! Any idea for a wireless N adapter?. Which would be the best value.

    An integrated pci one or a dongle external would be best?
  2. I would suggest a 5850. It will last you a a lot longer. Everything else seems to look pretty good. Nice work on the combo deals. Also, I'd suggest a Samsung HDD F3 500 GB instead of the WD, but its really up to you.
  3. Thanks for the help!, I was debating the 5850 but its sold out everywhere. I would love to have one but its 100$ extra i dont have. I will just settle for another 4890 down the road.

    The F3's are sold out everywhere :((, I needed one I chose the WG black 1TB cuz i read it was good. It was that or the WG 500GB one. Both support 32mb of cache and 3gb line so thats awesome.

    I wish i could do your suggestions but they're out of stock!
  4. Oh quick thing, is this crossfireable? I thought, i opted for the more expensive board cuz it has another PCI express:16, so i assume if i get two crossfire able cards and put them together it would work?
  5. yeah you can crossfire, all p55 and x58 support crossfire
  6. That is a very good build. The 4890 graphics card is top performer at a bargain price because it is an older generation card. Since the 5850's are scarce, this is a good compromise.

    If you live near a Microcenter store, you can pickup a i750 processor for $150.

    I like the rest of the components in your build.
  7. i wish I had one here. Theres one in my whole state, virginia, and its like 300 miles away. Might go to college near there next year so :D, oh well ill settle then.

    Thanks for the help guys.

    LAST QUESTION: best to buy tonight, and make sure the Bing cashback is avaliable or like wait till cyber monday, and watch if like little price cuts are made/

    To sum up, are these prices as good as it gets? :D or should i wait till monday?
    Happy Thanks Giving btw :)
  8. your build looks fine,
  9. Thanks Random Little Question. About the RAM!

    Theres TWO ripjaws 1600 4gb combo packs on sale.

    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL8D-4GBRM - Retail

    and the SAME
    but G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model F3-12800CL7D-4GBRM - Retail

    The CL8D seems to boost 1.6 wattage and 8-8-8-24 latency and is 104$
    CL8D seems to be advertised to be compatible with i5 P55 mobo

    But the CL7D seems to have 1.6 wattage and 7-8-7-24 latency and is 70$
    CL7D doesn't state it

    I might just stick with CL8D, just because it seems like a later version. but is there a difference

    Help is appreciated :D
  10. PROBLEM!, do i have a big enough PSU or should i up it to 750W? Help please :)

    For if i expand it to 2 GPUs in the future and crossfire and overclock it not insanely but mildly
  11. That Antec 900 has a $40 rebate at Newegg. Brings the price down to $59.99
  12. Yeah saw that, I have 80$ in MIR, The real price is around 1K lowish. its a nice set up, im gonna upgrade the PSU to 750W justincase tho and go with the combo EVO ASUS P55 Board. Weird how the delux board doesn't have a combo also but oh well
  13. DAMN! they just ran out of the sony optical hard drive. im planning to buy this rig tonight, any alternatives?

    I was thinking of the LIT-ON Blue RAY PLAYER.

    Is ^ Does it also work as A CD/DVD burner or reader or watever?

    I might have to go LG

    AND last thing anyone know any good Wireless-N Adapters for desktops
  14. Thanks everyone for the help!

    Slight Changes with my build I,

    Switched to the
    PLEXTOR 24X DVD/CD Writer Black SATA because they were out of the sony
    I switched the board from the deluxe to the EVO, because I decided I needed a 750W power supply so I switched it to get the combo deal with the EVO $-20.
    I decided to keep the same ram because I just wanted to be on the safe side!
    I used BING AND FATWALLET cashback, Already bing acknowledges I have earned $126 in cashback! I expect maybe 12$ from fatwallet,

    My total came out to about $1200

    I wouldn't have been able to do it without!

    I loved all the support and articles I got. Thanks to all!
  15. What is Bing and fatwallet?
  16. Kasceis said:
    What is Bing and fatwallet?

    Bing is the new premier MSN Search Engine to compete with Google. They offer, if you searched for "newegg" they had a link to purchase items from their store with 10% cashback available.

    Fatwallet is a site that advertises deals of various stores and offers a 1% cash back currently on newegg.

    The Bing Cashback with my $1200 purchase was awesome!, i received 125$ back
    Its awesome how they also take 10% on mail in rebates too which is funny.

    Very satisfied and I'm Gonna use Tomshardware to "assist me"
  17. id honestly save and get a DX11 card in a couple years or so when u wanna Xfire youll also want DX11 try even a 5770 i know the 4890 beats it but just having DX11 puts it ahead
  18. Sorry, but might seem as a dumb question. I'm sorta new to this.

    If i install a ati 5870, later a card with direct 11 support, and crossfire it with the 4870 would that work lol?

    Sorry if it seems dumb

    My build is the same as stated above except i changed it to a

    Asus P577D EVO board
    downgraded the HD to a 750 Black one, because it was 20$ off from the combo deal, making it 50$
    Had to switch my Optical drive
    and got a dongle wireless
    Upgraded the power supply to 750W

    I have received 12$ and 126$ from fatwallet and bing! awesome cashback, glad i bought it last night at like 4AM right before the morning flood

    Anyone can explain the latencies with the RAMs before?

    Its weird all the 4870 cards sold out and stuff too bad i missed the netbooks on newegg should of bought a few.
  19. szheng2 said:
    Sorry, but might seem as a dumb question. I'm sorta new to this.

    If i install a ati 5870, later a card with direct 11 support, and crossfire it with the 4870 would that work lol?

    Sorry if it seems dumb

    Not a dumb question. You can not crossfire 2 different model cards. You would have to have the same model, such as (2) 5870's or (2) 4870's etc. They can be made by different manufacturers however. So, you could crossfire a 5870 made by XFX with 5870 made by Sapphire.

    There is a guide to understanding memory in the Motherboards & Memory forums here on Tom's. Here is the link.
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