Epson printer question, or maybe not

i have a problem that involves my printer, but it seems like it might be "something else"

i had an epson c88+ that finally ceased to work, so i decided to buy another.
when the new c88+ came i simply switched it out with the old. i did nothing else. just turned off the computer, switched printers and rebooted.

the new printer didn't print, i got a "printer not ready" check connections" message,,,,which i did. called epson support and got someone who knew nothing and was fumbling with her manual. she thought the printer was not recognizing the ink cartridges(the ink icons were grey and not showing the inks). so i switched out with another set of new cartridges. same result.

so maybe the printer was bad, so i got a replacement from epson, but this time i followed the quick setup just in case. everything went smoothly and no problems with blinking lights etc. but i tried to print and got the same message. i cannot test print either. nor can i perform any maintenance like nozzle clean.

so it's not a printer issue. device manager says the printer device is up and working. everything seems to be okay,,,i think

what's there to do?

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  1. If you bought a new Epson printer, you really should contact their tech support again. You paid for the tech support you might as well use it.
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