Now sound on IBM T40

can I get help enable soundcard on IBM T40 laptop???
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    Perhaps you could provide more information.
    What caused the sound to stop working on your T40?
    Does it not work at all or only under certain circumstances?

    I would probably start by uninstalling then reinstalling your Sound Drivers.
  2. I did the install, uninstall, reinstall again, with drivers from ibm website. I keep getting message that there is no sound device. I want to know if there is a location that I can enable sound card in my IBM T40???
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  4. I got the IBM T40 used, not booting. I did xp sp2 install and it worked, except it has no audio at all, I did the install, uninstalling then reinstalling the drivers from IBM site as you suggested. still no sound. It says "no sound device" when I try to use music app. Still need help.
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