Core i5-520m v/s C2d P9700

Which is the better cpu out of this two?

Corei5 states Turbo boost upto 2.93 where as C2d P9700 is 2.8Ghz
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  1. i5 wins hands down in terms of CPU power, but if you're buying a laptop there are other things to take into account.

    What laptops, and what will they be used for?
  2. mainly it will be used for viewing CAD drawings (heavy ones) ...heavy presentations...view 3d rendered editing...just view

    I have to decide between two models of Sony Vaio..Either Z56 with P9700 or CS117 with Corei5
  3. Hi anusheri

    I am selling my 6 month old Sony Vaio Z58, bought it from HK.

    I am willing to sell Z58 at Z56 price, Z58 comes with 256GB SSD hardisk.
    Adobe photoshop is 44% faster with SSD, according to reviews/research.

    Are you interested? :)

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