$1000 Gaming pc advice please

Want to purchase before christmas

$1000 before rebates

Don't need: mouse, moniter

Use: Gaming

max res. is 1280x1024

Brand preferences. AMD/ATI, Western digital, saphire, asus, gigabyte

Will NOT overclock

Only will purchase from newegg

comments: $1000 must include win 7 home premium. Kind of want a sound card, I don't have any speakers to go with it though. Speakers or headset suggestion not required and doesnt need to be included in $1000, however I would appreciate suggestions on a good headset to go with a sound card. (I'm thinking $100-130 for a sound card if its worth the price vs standard on board.) Some future proofing would be nice such as most recent sockets and probably 2 pci-e, 16gb ram cap etc. Would prefer a single gpu card solution in the initial build so if I decided to do multi-gpu I only have to get one card. Don't want/need blu-ray.

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  1. Also, don't need tons of hdd space. A $45 320gb is pleanty. Don't really want to do RAID.
  2. bumb
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