Corsair Hydro H100 - Is this thing supposed be to this loud?

I just installed a Corsair Hydro H100 in my Antec P280 / ASUS P8Z68-v Pro-GEN3 system. I've got the H100 set to performance mode, and this thing is blowing fans like a jet engine -- it is really loud. I'm not overclocking yet, and my i5-2500K idle temps are anywhere from 25 to 28C, which I'm happy about. But the noise is really something, and it makes me wonder if something is wrong.

The block fan is hooked up to my MB's CPU_FAN and is spinning at around 2200 RPM. I have an Antec case fan pulling air out the back, but that doesn't seem to be source of the noise. It's the two fans hooked up to the radiator that are blowing like crazy. They're hooked up to the two PWR-FAN headers on my MB, and BIOS reports they're spinning at around 2600 RPM.

Is this normal?

EDIT: I notice in BIOS that there is Q-Fan control associated with the Chassis fans. I think I'm connected to the PWR fans. Do the PWR fans run at full RPMs? I'm new to building, so please be gentle!
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    You appear to have things hooked up wrong. Attach all the fans connected to your H100 to the cold plate/block/controller. That's the thing that goes onto the CPU and has the corsair logo that lights up white. The fan lead from that needs to attach to your motherboard CPU fan header.

    In your BIOS you need to disable the CPU fan control as the header you've plugged in is the pump speed and it needs to be at 100%.

    The fans being plugged into the cold plate will allow the H100 to control the fan speed based on the setting you use when pressing on the cold plate's button.

    Turning them down to their lowest setting will be totally adequate for stock clocks or low overclocks.
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  3. You're right -- I installed the thing wrong! I made those changes and now everything looks good.

    Thanks to both of you for the fast response.
  4. I think I am having the same issue. But I have the 2 fans plugged into the block where there seems to be 4 spots avaible. I log into a game and this thing blows like a jet engine!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. stickem what case do you have? usually if you have it blowing as intake its much louder than if you have it as exhaust, so if you are using stock clocks or low overclock that shouldn't be a problem to reverse it. i'm running a CM storm enforcer case with 1x 200mm front (exhaust) the h100 top mounted (2 stock fans exhaust). and 1 corsair SP120 HP edition blowing from the rear as intake, which blows cool air in for the h100's to use on the setup is not loud at all and i have my fans hooked up to a fan controller set at 100% instead of hooked into the water block. but if you switch any of your fans to intake try to make sure they have a dust filter because it can accumulate pretty fast :/ good luck
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