New AMD gaming build - Need GPU+RAM suggestions

Hello all,

So i am building a new PC for gaming, i shopped for several parts already and salvaged some from my old rig, here they are:

Motherboard+CPU combo:
Video card: [...] gt%2520xlr (sorry no newegg link)
PSU: [...] -_-Product

So i am looking for a DDR3 RAM and possibly a video card upgrade, preferably a DDR3 1333 since it is cheap and scores well in the memory performance charts :)

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  1. BEST DDR3 for the price.

    Now someone top that!
  2. Why the bad card (6400?!?!) and the nice CPU.

    Try getting a brand new ati 5xxx
  3. Will i see a major difference between it and the 512mb 8800GT ? cause the charts shows that the GT have more fps than the radeon in some games.

    in other words, is the performance difference worth $154?
  4. Hell ya

    8800GT = 9800GT < 9800GTX+ < GTS 250 < GTX 260 = HD 4870
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