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Are ssd prices going to go up like regular hard drive prices have?

because of the floods in thailand regular harddrive prices have gone up a lot.
are ssd made in thailand also?
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  1. The price increase is probably due to insufficient supply to meet the demand. Prices will definitely come down during the holidays shopping season. This goes for SSDs too.
  2. I believe the SSDs are manufactured elsewhere.
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    I did a little research.

    There are no ssd manufacturers based in Thailand. About 50% of all ssd manufacturers are based in the United States. Asia is well represented with China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. The remaining companies are located in Europe.

    What I don't know is where actual factories are located. Just because a manufacturer is located in the USA does not mean that the ssd's are actually made in the USA. For example, OCZ corporate headquarters are in the USA but the company maintains satellite offices in The Netherlands, Canada, Brazil as well as manufacturing and logistics facilities in Taiwan.
  4. hard drive prices will continue to increase. if you check even to this moment floods are occurring in thailand. im surprised no on has came and informed you... but hdd and ssds are two seperate beasts. hard drive require a motor caviar arms mechanical parts etc.. but ssd's are for the most part different(less) hardware. the information is stored on chips(~) similar to how info is stored on flash drives no moving parts. So there isn't any reason for them to be manufactured in the same place. So basically hard drive prices will not DIRECTLY increase ssd prices. with the flooding in thailand every major manu except for Seagate has been effected but seagates prices will rise too. I was watching a samsung hd for a while and it went up from $80 to $129 and again today to $139... Also with the holiday season their will be more of a demand which will cause prices to go up even further. This flooding will effect all OEM PC's and Apples Macs too. You should buy a HD now like i did @$129
  5. Glad I just bought a 1TB Black WD, 2TB F4, and a 3TB WD Green lol
  6. i am aware what an ssd is
    i have owned about 20 of them!
    just bought 3 more yesterday 120gb force 3 for $140
    I would say ssd prices are still going down if you watch for the sales.
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