What hardware upgrade to get more performance in my E8400 system?

Below is the equipment on my present system. What can I do in hardware upgrades to make a noticeable performance improvement? I use my computer for general use... a little but of anything but no video intensive work. I only play an occasional game. How can I speed things up other than overclocking? I have considered building an entirely new i7 based system but people tell me I will not see a noticeable improvement in performance for my use over what I have now. It was suggested to upgrade the GPU. Any thoughts on this???

Antec 1080 case
Intel E8400 Core Duo
Sapphire HD4850 GPU
4Gb(2x2Gb)DDR2 PC8500
LG 22Xsata DVD burner
2-WD120Gb HDD
Win XP Pro 32 bit
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  1. If you occasionally game, I highly doubt upgrading your graphic card would have any major effect...
    And can you explain in which tasks do you feel the computer is slow ?

    I think upgrading your OS to 64-bit might be an option...as you can take full advantage of the 4GB RAM and the vRAM available on the graphic card...

    A Quad(i7/i5/ ...) can also help speed things up...but that solely depends on the apps you use...
  2. Well I don't really think my computer is slow exactly I guess I was just thinking it could be faster. It does seem to take a long time on bootup until everything is running but that is more of an annoyance than a speed issue. When I rip dvd's or do video work it could use a little increase in power I think. But I have not really done any serious overclocking to unleash the potential of my processor. I need to get a CPU cooler before I do that right now I am running stock. Since I have been out of the hardware loop for a few years since my last build I was figuring there would be a marked increase in performance now but maybe for my limited applications that is not exactly true. Thank you for taking the time to respond I appreciate all comments. I was thinking Windows 7 but since I am running 32 bit right now with windows XP Pro I heard the upgrade was rather painful...I am a bit concerned the 32 bit software I presently own may or may not work in Win 7 which will mean another major layout of cash.
  3. windows 7 is the currently way to go
  4. @donfm try out things like disk cleanup, disk defrag...they might help speed things up a bit...And as for the 64-bit compatablility, better to check out the company website of the apps that you use...
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