IDE or ExpressCard 128GB SSD for old laptop

The Dell laptop hard drive died, and being an old laptop that I'd like to wring a few more years out of, I figure I'll slap an SSD drive in. Thing is while SATA SSD drives are plentiful and reasonably priced, IDE and ExpressCard drives, not so much.

Can someone recommend the best approach (by which I mean reasonably priced product) to improving the disk performance on this old laptop? I wanted 128GB, but 80GB might do and I may even get 64GB to work if I never leave XP (Happy Birthday!)

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  1. I find one express card on newegg! No IDE since the bus width would defy the purpose of a SSD! Are you sure you have express card
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    I think IDE should still be fine with about 150MB/s. No IDE HDD is close to that speed and also the I/O is going to help the most, not the sequential read/write.

    Also be careful of expresscard SSD. They are not always bootable.
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