Monitor for Graphic Design/Radeon HD 5770

I'm looking for some opinions on monitors. I'm looking to purchase one right now and just wanted to hear a few more opinions.
My computer will be used mostly for Graphic Design and running all of my work programs.

Here is my set up. Let me know if I'm missing any important info:

AMD Phenom II x4 965 Black Edition Deneb...Quad core processor

ASUS M4A79 Deluxe Motherboard

Kingston HyperX 8GB (4x2GB) Memory

Western Digital Caviar Blue 320GB 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive

Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB Internal Hard Drive

Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 (Juniper XT) 1GB Video Card
**By the way, what is Juniper XT???

Cooler Master Storm Scout Computer Case

OCZ Fatal1ty 550W Power Supply

First Question:
1) I currently work on 2 monitors (a 20" and 16"). I was thinking about just going with one monitor, nothing smaller than a 24", but I worry that I will miss having that second monitor b/c it helps to keep my work separate when I have multiple things going on at once. What do you think are the advantages/disadvantages of going with one large monitor as opposed to two monitors?

2) Can you recommend a good monitor for under $300, no smaller than 23"?

I realize that most people spend $1500+ for a monitor for graphic design, but I'm just not able to right now. :(

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    Out of stock until the 8th, but it's 28" and god damn beautiful. Not great for graphic design, but with your budget, it will be perfect.

    If you can't get that for some reason, it has a big brother: . It costs more but has some nicer features.
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