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First off, I apologize if posting this here as well is not kosher for these forums, but I posted this over in new home builds but have begun to wonder if perhaps that wasn't the correct spot for it. Since my problem appears to be cpu related, I thought I would toss a post over here as well to see if there were folks checking the cpu forums that would otherwise not see it elsewhere.

I'm looking for some outside opinions on some issues I've been having with my new system. It's a freshly built system with a clean copy of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit. I'm leaning toward a faulty processor because the errors make it seem obvious, but I've learned from being in this industry long enough that even the most obvious things can potentially have a different root cause.

System Specs:
core i7 920 - retail box, no overclocking
asus p6t mobo
6GB OCZ ddr3 1600 mem kit (3x 2GB)
1.5 GB western digital caviar green drive
corsair 850 watt psu
2 x ait radeon hd 5770
samsung dvd burner
Antec nine hundred case
using on board sound and network
for now

The issues come up at no particular time and varying length of time. I've had it happen while trying to type this post as well as while gaming. Processor temps are well within normal ranges as are motherboard temps. Case has plenty of cooling and room to grow in terms of cooling. I ran the memory test windows provides, but we all know windows isn't all that accurate. The crashes usually result in a complete stop of the machine and once it reboots it tells me there was a blue screen error. However, when the crash happens I never actually see the BSoD to obtain details from it.

However, the thing that makes it seem obvious to me and the reason I want to double check with others is the following Event 18 - WHEA-Logger error message:

"A fatal hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Machine Check Exception
Error Type: Internal Timer Error
Processor ID: 2"

The "Processor ID" number has been fairly consistent at 2 since I turned off hyperthreading, but it's not always that ID number. I've read a bunch of stuff about possibilities to fix crashes but none seem to list any event log error messages nor do they seem quite like the issue I'm having anyway. I'd like to call the store I purchased the parts from and inquire about swapping parts if it really is a dying part.

Also, what's a good file reader for reading the dump reports in a way that's actually helpful. None of the default document apps, nor open office seem to do the trick and I'm curious if there's helpful info in the reports since apparently Windows doesn't want me to see the blue screen error first hand.

Thanks in advance for any advice/confirmation/assistance anyone has.
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  1. My first impression would be RAM problems - what speed are you running your RAM at ?

    To test it thoroughly I wuould suggest you try memtest and see what results you get from there.
  2. Thanks. That was actually one of my first impressions too, though I don't think that was it. I'd heard of a lot of folks having issues with memtest not finding memory errors that existed, so I did the ole manual test. None of the RAM seemed faulty. I took out one of the two video cards and that seemed to resolve the internal timing error. This turned into a series of memory errors that had zero consistency. Some intense googling pointed more to the motherboard and/or cpu. I wound up exchanging the board and cpu. So far, zero memory errors.

    Now I'm just sorting out a Kernel-Processor-Power error that seems to only occur on start up. It mentions Performance power management features being disabled on various processors due to a firmware problem. However, I've already updated the BIOS to a version just released a few days ago.

    I'm curious now if anyone has seen/experienced this error and what they may have done to resolve it.

    Until I happen upon a solution, I'll be testing the new cpu/mobo for stability. Here's to hoping there's no more crashes.
  3. Turns out the earlier memtests I'd run had lied - either that or I used too old a version. I ran an additional one the other day which pointed out that there was indeed a bad stick of ram. After a reinstalling everything it seems stable.

    However, is anyone familiar with EVGA's boards and BIOS versions? I have their x58 SLI LE board currently updated with the most up to date BIOS I could find on their website, but I'm still getting a Kernel-Processor-Power error on startup stating that it's due to a firmware problem. This has been happening since the installation of the board. The error doesn't appear to be affecting performance, but I'd rather it not turn into a bigger problem now that the system is stabilized.
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