Motherboard Selection for a Athlon II X3 440

Forgive my ignorance here. I'm looking to build a budget gaming computer and have questions concerning what it is exactly I am looking for in a mobo. I have read about chipsets, overclocking, crossfire but can't exactly nail down what it is that I'm looking for. I see boards with USB 3.0 some have figures for overclocking the memory and I'm looking at PCI X 1,2,4,16 and not sure what is the most important aspect of picking a board. So I start with the chipset, then look for overclocking ability, then the speed of the PCI port? I'm looking for a general rule of thumb here, not a lengthy drawn out explanation, and maybe some reccomendations around the $100 range.
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  1. I am an MSI 790FX owner and happy about it. But I saw this Foxconn has more feature than the MSI 790X apart from being an 890GX all for the same $99.9 cheaper shipping.

    The 870 in the combo is also good if you want to save that $15 in the combo but my overall recommendation is the Foxcon:
    For the following simple reasons:
    1. 890GX ( intergrated graphics & support SATA 3)
    2. Debug LED ( this only comes out of MSI high mobo but its available in Foxconn ).

    The X3 440 is one of the best in terms of Performance/Price. So good choice if you go that way.
  2. Thanks for the input.
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