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Need help with video card to match my i7/6GB RAM/etc build.

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November 27, 2009 2:37:50 AM

Alright so I'm getting the following for no real money and I need a suggestion on a video card. The computer seems pretty balanced aside from the Video Card which seems a little underwhelming compared to the rest. I'm also curious as to how hard or easy it would be for a first timer to buy and install an aftermarket CPU Cooler [I'm leaning towards the Xigmatech Dark Knight cooler].

Here's a quote from the guy. I posted this earlier but there was some serious problems with the RAM he chose.


CoolerMaster Wavemaster(125)
Thermaltake 700W (75)
Intel i7/920 @2.67 X8 cores Brand New( 300 )
EVGA X58 SLI X3- 132-BL-E758-A1 Full registerable(299)
4gigs Platium 4X1gigOCZ1333 DDR#3 (150)
WD 300Gig Velco Raptor@10K RPM's for gaming and for your OS(210)
WD 500gig Barricuda@7200.12(90)
EVGA 8800 ULTRA@612 Mhz// 2160 Memory Clock //1.51 Shader Clock//104 gigbytes bandwidth[/B( 200)
LG Super Burner( 25)
Zalman 5.1 Headphones &mic( 50)
Razer Lachesis Lazer Mouse (85)
& Kingwin Keyboard (20)

Thankfully I talked the person into including 3x2 GB DDR3 RAM instead for triple channel which makes a lot more sense. I'm looking at maybe getting an ATI 5870 to replace the overpriced and underpowered 8800 Ultra when I get the money around December. I realize the i7 isn't great for games and is massively overpriced and I also realize that you can't really future proof your computer but this is what's being offered and honestly I can't complain about getting an X58 motherboard when I'm paying nothing except for the future video card.

The other option is using the current HD4850 and crossfiring which I understand is generally a waste of money but it'd be cheaper to get another HD4850 card and crossfiring them to gain a small performance boost that might put the GPUs on par with the rest of the computer. I'm only running 1680x1050 Resolution for now and until I can find a good deal on a 24" monitor, plan to stick with the 22" LG monitor I have and quite like [the 227WTG].

Again, emphasis on the fact that I am NOT paying for it and have very little if any say on what gets put in it. Any help is appreciated :) 

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November 27, 2009 2:59:48 AM

^ Stick with the 8800 Ultra and later on when the HD 58xx series cards are available at a good price, get them...Currently they are overpriced and scarcely available...So if you can wait, put the video card purchase on hold...For your screen resolution, that Ultra can perform decently...