Help me with this strange annoying problem

Hi everyone, I have had this problem almost since I had bought the PC, it worked fine once and but decided to change.

The problem is that the CPU fan is running at full throttle from the second that I push the power button.


ECS nforce4 939

Amd x2 4200

2x512 ddr

500w power suply

250gig HD

7600gt Nvidia

I have gone thorugh countless hours of reading and searching but never found anything.

Yeah, and here is why I said it was a STRANGE problem:

If I go ahead and open the " Nvidia control panel" and do nothing else but opening it, the rpm of the CPU slows down automatically as the control panel loads up, I have now to do that everytime I start the system, but what is this really about?

in bios the CPU temperature is "ZERO" . something is wrong with the sensor? but how

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  1. Have you changed anything? either in temrs of hardware, BIOS, software?
    Removed the NVidia config thing from msconfig?
  2. the thing that was replaced was the cpu but it worked ok first, all nvidia related stuff is not removed or changed
  3. AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4200+ (E4) 2200 MHz (1MB,2000,Socket 939

    not sure about the mobo and bios version but it is from 2006, gonna check it at startup
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