$600 dollar gaming rig

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE:Week before Christmas BUDGET RANGE:$500-$600 Dollars

SYSTEM USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT:Gaming, Watching movies, downloading, web surfing

PARTS NOT REQUIRED:Monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, OS.... ( will be using Windows 64 bit ultimate )


PARTS PREFERENCES:Really does not matter as long as they are quality products


MONITOR RESOLUTION:Sorry people I don't have this information yet.... but it does not matter i want to be able to play games like soldier front, crysis, ect.

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I need a good build that is going to last for the next couple of years, and will hold up. Please also include any advice for building my computer.

Thank you, and peace out Edvin.
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  1. I don't want any of toms builds I asked for advice on this build did i not?
  2. I believe you did, and I believe I responded with, "here is a start." Here, have another $600 range build.

    If that doesnt satisfy you there are about 1000 other threads with a "$600 gaming rig" for a title.
  3. do you want advice or not? amundbr gave you advice and you reject it? hmmm
  4. ammundbr is a very patient person because if I gave someone some advice and that was the reply, they wouldn't have heard another word from me.

    Asking for advice and then insulting the person's intelligence after they tried to help.... interesting to say that least...

    One_chance might not only be their name, but it might correspond to the amount of chances they have here in getting any help after that comment...
  5. One_Chance said:
    I don't want any of toms builds I asked for advice on this build did i not?

    You're not very clever are you? Perhaps if you read about Tom's builds you could pick up some useful info, such as why he selected certain components and so on...
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