Can I crossfire link Radeon with FireGL? any benefit?

Hi all,

I recently was given a few "hand-me-down" graphics cards and would like to build a new rig.

Radeon 5850
FireGL V8650
FireGL V7600
Radeon 4850

I also want to use SketchUp with it (CAD 3D modelling application) and was wondering if the newer 5850 (game orentated) card would be better than the older (2yr old which is an eternity with computers) FireGL v8650 which is workstation class?

Can I crossfire link the Radeon card with the FireGL card? Is there any real benefit to this? Or would I have to combined them like; 5850+4850 or the 8650+7600 (which combo is better?).

I have a dual 24" monitor setup currently, will Crossfire benefit this? Do I run both monitors from the same card in cross-fire or one monitor per card. Or do I just forget crossfire and run one monitor from the 5850 and one from the v8650? (play games on the monitor from the 5850 and work from the monitor on the FireGL?). Any conflicts?

I plan on getting a i7 920 with the Asus Rampage II Extreme MB with 6Gb and Windows 7 64bit - any problems? Suggestions?

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  1. You can't crossfire any of those cards. As for which one works better, since you already have them all, just test them. Plop them in and see which works faster with CAD. (I'm betting the FireGL wins by a lot)
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    lol @ "hand-me-downs", all of those cards are/still high end cards.

    Indeed none of those cards can Crossfire with the others, and the FireGLs dont even support it last time I checked (like a year ago) even though they have the Crossfire slot.

    I agree with optional22 that you should test the HD 5850 and V8650 since you have them already. My money is on the V8650 because of the drivers that give it better FPS for 3D modeling.

    I have no idea if you can put the 5850 and the V8650 in to the same computer with their own monitor connected to each and use games off the 5850 and 3d modeling of the V8650.
    edit: i think windows 7 can support two video card drivers at the same time (forgot where i heard this) but you could test it out and post back here if you have any success with it.
  3. Thanks, why can't I cross-fire them? They all have the connectors at the top of all the cards. Of course I was just given the cards, so there's no manuals or documentation. Surely I could just cross-fire the 5850 & 4850 no? Aren't they gamer cards?
    This chart is kind of old now that some of the 5000 series are out.

    Basically the trend is the 5800s with other 5800s, 5700s with 5700s, 4800s with 4800s, 4600 with 4600...

    The best choice in crossfire is to have the exact same model, different manufacturers are ok. The problem with crossfire is if you do crossfire a 4870 with a 4830, the 4870 will downclock to the speed of the 4830. Thus you have wasted money in getting the 4870 and should have gotten a 4830, or dident spend enough money and got a 4830.

    So in your case even if you could crossfire a 5850 with a 4850 the 5850 would downclock to a 4850 and would just be two 4850s in crossfire which perform slightly worse/same than a single 5850 by itself...
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