Windows XP SP3 activation product key not valid..

I recently re-formatted my HD and reinstalled my original copy of WinXP SP3.
However, I am unable to get my WindowsXp Product key to work.

When I go to activate the 25 digit key, it keeps telling me that it is invalid.

I do not have the original paper with the key on it. I had to use a key-finder program to get the key from the registry.

Is Microsoft still activating Windows XP product keys? I only have 29 days to re-activate the product key and windows XP.

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  1. I just activated an OEM XP license yesterday so it's working.
    The question is, is your key a legal one or did it get blacklisted?
    You can always try the phone support if it's a valid key.
  2. vomacka don't be afraid to contact Microsoft if you have trouble with your product key. they are happy to help.
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