Should I create a partition and if so what size.

Hi, I am new to writing on forums so please forgive me if I am not doing this right.

I have just built my first home build pc.

I didn't partition my 1tb hard drive when I installed my upgrade win 7 ( I had to change some reg settings to allow it to clean install using the upgrade disk)

Should I partition my drive or reinstall and create a new partition .

If so how much space should I give it.

I was thinking 100gb as I will probably only have a few game and programes on this machine. 4/5 games like dues ex and bf3 and photo shop and lightroom may be some others.
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  1. you dont have to reinstall windows

    you can go into device manager and change the partition size while windows is running

    set the c drive to 200-300gb
  2. I agree with a slight increase in the size as stated above ^
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