Cooler Master Hyper 212+ Second Fan

So I just ordered a second fan for my Hyper 212+. I got the CM Blade Master 120mm which is the same fan that it came with.

How do I mount this onto the cooler? The fan didn't come with any sort of mounting bracket...
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  1. The hyper 212+ comes with extra mounting brackets.
  2. The 2nd fan doesn't make much cooling difference with the CMH212+ from my experience maybe 1c, the heat sinks that can take full advantage of a 2nd fan added are the more expensive coolers.

    The CMH212+ was max designed for one cooling fan, that's why they don't give you two fans from the beginning, they know full well what it can and cannot do.

    If it performed impressively better with two fans, they would supply it originally to stay high end competitive.

    Sometimes you can actually get better performance by reversing the fan to the rear side and pulling the air through the cooler, that way you get max airflow through all the cooling fins.

    Amuffin is correct the CMH212+ usually comes with additional fan mounting brackets in the package.
  3. Don't even bother with the second fan. A push/pull set up on that heat sink is pointless. Usually the space between the second rear facing fan and the rear chassis exhaust fan is so small(especially on a mid-tower)that all you end up doing is disrupting the flow of air through your case. When that happens your chassis temps go up and ultimately affects your other components. If you're getting high CPU temps with the 212 using one fan then go liquid or get a better heat sink. Just remember this rule of thumb fo air flow, intake from front/side/bottom, exhaust from rear and top. stick to that and your CPU temps will fall. The 212 is a great product and performs really well in ideal case conditions.
  4. I´ve found better results from fans actually pulling air rather than pushing it through the HFS but it depends from the design of the HFS. Try moving the fan to the back of the +212 and have it pull the air and see if it works for you
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