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Hey guys!

I just got a motherboard Asus Rampage 2 Extreme. I got it for free from a friend that bought a week ago and then probably broke it. He said that he was having problem with the board because it wouldn't start it was just in a loop and not showing anything on the screen, just turning on and off. He sent the board back to where he bought it and then he got a reply that they will not accept it because there is a bent pin on the board and that is not under the warranty. Then he gave the board to me. I tried to bend the pin back to original position, and then i realised that the top of the pin is broken off. I turn on the board and it is doing the same thing, going on and off. I don't know if the missing pin is the problem why the board does not work or what.

Now I'm asking you what to do. Because it was really expensive and it is a fantastic board, I would like to get it working somehow. It doesn't matter if I pay a "few" bucks. So can i rma it back to asus ? Or what is there to do ? I'm from europe, in case that helps.
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  1. You may or may not ever get the board working. I guess it depends on if the pressure of installing the CPU allows the pin to make contact with the CPU. How much of the pin is missing? Asus won't replace a board with physical damage just like the retailer.

    I would go through every step in the troubleshooting checklist in my signature. It was created to troubleshoot no-boot problems. It's possible something else is causing the no-boot issue. The checklist will help you narrow down the problem.
  2. I went through the checklist and there is not the problem. Just the top of the pin is broken, where it touches the cpu. But there is some funny thing. My friend said that it was runing on and off before, even when he didn't align the pins. Now when the pins are aligned it does the same thing. So I believe it's not the problem in pins.

    I know that asus won't replace it, maybe paying something would get them to replacee it. Or would that be to expensive ?
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