GetDataBack - struglling with deleted/formatted partition on external

Hi folks,

There seems to be some really knowledgeable folks on here regarding data recovery, and I have been trying to recover a partition from my external HDD following a "multi-tasking" incidient (will leave it t the women in future!! :o )

So, following the mishap, I have tried allsorts, and the good news is the files are still there - I did a part scan with PhotoRec and it pulled at least one load of image files I know were on there.

I have tried to recover the parition with TestDisk, but it cant see it as a live partition - none of the ones that appear and go green match. But there are unrecoverable paritions listed, so I guess mine is one of them.

I tried and failed with GetDataBack once before, but I am trying again now. To be honest Im a bit puzzled by it all, so any advice.assistance anyone could offer I would be grateful!

Cheers folks
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  1. Have you tried any other software? You can try this.
  2. Yeah I tried loads, but nothing seemed to work, but sitting here watching my files recover, I guess I was just not chosing the right options and stuff!
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