Corair H100 In my case

Hello, I would like to buy a watercooling pre-built corsair h100 for my computer as a birthday present, but I am having trouble knowing if it will fit in my case, what I need, If I would need to take out my motherboard out of my case in order to install the backplate


CPU: i5 lynnfield Quad Core Socket LGA 1156

If you need any other information of my computer in order to fully answer my question I would be happy to include more information, Thank you for the help and Goodbye.
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  1. I don't see any fan slots in the top of the case. You might be better off getting the Corsair H60 and mounting it on the exhaust vent on the rear of your case. And yes you would have to remove the motherboard to install the back plate because that case has no cut out behind the CPU.
  2. Okay, Thanks for the help, I am thinking I am better off getting a new computer case, I don't remember why I bought this computer case for this computer a while ago, I was only looking for the look not the benefits of fans, good airflow, and other things you get when you buy top brand cases like corsair, coolermaster,etc.

    Here are the few cases I am thinking of buying to put my whole computer in and also install the H100 in as well.

    1st Case:
    2nd Case:
    3rd Case:
    4th Case:

    The last few cases are pretty expensive, so I probably won't be able to buy one of those, but can you tell me which of those would have the best airflow and will fit the H100 and also has much space?

  3. I believe Corsair designed their cases to support the H-series coolers pretty easily, though if you're looking to drop that much on a case + H100, why not consider a real WC loop? The kits run about the same price as an H100.
  4. I'd rather buy a H100 instead of the loop, I am going to be buying the thermaltake Level 10 GT case, and the H100, I know it will fit in this case perfectly, but I have a question about changing parts, all I have to do is take out my motherboard from my current case and put it in the new case, take out the stock intel heatsink/fan and install the h100 over it with the h100's thermal paste that is already on it, and then put all my parts into the new case and all done right?

    Just want to be sure, Thanks.
  5. Yeah you'll have to spend some time moving your system over to the new case. You may have to attach the H100 to the CPU and then insert the motherboard. I'm not sure as I've never seen the case though.

    You will want to clean off the old thermal paste (should wipe off easily, and you can use some rubbing alcohol if needed).
  6. Okay, Thanks for the help, I'm gonna buy it this thursday at compusa since compusa is tigerdirect and it's the same thing as newegg with the same price for the case and the H100 water cooling system, CompUSA is next to my house so it will be easier then paying for shipping and waiting for it to come as well.
  7. GO for a mid ranged case and then an XSPC rasa kit.
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