4670 Brown screen Crash & Infinite loop?

Please can someone help me, I purchased a new Asus 4670 512mb card just a few days ago. Fitted and Installed new cat 9.11 drivers from main website. Also uninstalled previous card's drivers.

Started playing WoW and was in main town area and suddenly I get a brown screen with sound being stuck and my computer restarts.

I then tried playing Aion and within 10mins of gameplay the same thing happens. It crashes and shows a brownish screen and computer restarts.

I then uninstalled those drivers then installed the ones that came with the card. Also installed addtional software that came with the cd to monitor the temps etc but that didnt help.

So I try Aion again and same thing happens only this time after the brown screen I get a BSOD saying something about an "infinite loop" then computer shuts down

I have tried various versions of the drivers but cant seem to get anything to stop this crashing.

My PSU is Octigen 350W (have read ppl saying 4670 works fine with 350W)

PC is Pentium D 3GHz 4GB Ram Vista Ultimate

I have upgraded all drivers for sound, directx, etc but am still getting the same problem.

My old card was a nvidia 8400gs which never gave me problems but ever since I got this new ATI card I cant seem to play anything

Anyone know how to fix this and where to find more info on this "infinite loop" I cant seem to find any places that list the 4670 having this problem? Can it be my PSU is too weak for the card? The card I bought is brandnew from Ebuyer so am also worried the card might be faulty?
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  1. How did you uninstall the old drivers? When you go from NVidia to ATI, you need to use a powerful program like Driversweeper to remove all traces. Also, keep an eye on card and system temps with HWMonitor.
  2. I used uninstall option in Control Panel, but will try that driversweeper thanks :)

    I was using that software bundled with the card and max it ever went was 53'C I think when running a game,

    Also was wondering If the card was faulty would it only crash when running games or would it not display at all on my monitor ?
  3. Depends on the fault, though usually it would not display at all. 53C should be fine, I once got my 4850 over 100C and it didn't even crash.
  4. Sound loops often indicate a RAM issue. Double check that all sticks are firmly seated, if you can check their timings and voltages in bios to make sure that they are set properly, and run MemTest to check for memory errors. While the problem occured when you installed the new GPU it may have just been a trigger.

    To check the GPU download and run Furmark, if that causes it to crash you will have narrowed it down to the GPU.

    edit: Your PSU may actually be the source of the issue, if you check the data sheet PDF it is obviously an ATX 1.0 design with only 10A available on the 12V rail.
    With the 4670 consuming up to 5 of those amps when at full load, and a bit of capacitor aging, it is quite likely that you are overdrawing your PSU which could be dangerous for the system. Upgrade to a modern 400W PSU like the corsair 400CX if you can, it will provide significantly more useful power, and almost as much 3.3V and 5V power.
  5. Oh wow, good catch hunter. I'm surprised the old system worked. 120W 12V is probably nowhere near enough, if it can even output that.
  6. thanks hunter315! I will try those 2 programs to test it out,
    Yeah I had also been worried about my PSU
    it was fine with the 8400gs but that was bought ages ago, so I will now try to upgrade my PSU to a modern one like you said, thanks! for the advice :)
  7. Yeah, an 8400GS doesn't use much power. The Radeon 4670 needs significantly more power, so I'm gonna say it's likely a PSU problem.
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