Will a DDR2 1066MHz Memory module work in a 533Mhz slot


I have a GA-8I915G Duo Motherboard (which supports DDR2-533MHz memory modules). Will I be able to use a DDR2-1066Mhz memory module? Please help.

Memory Noob :??:
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  1. They'll work on standard settings, but at 533 Mhz. You could overclock the board to try to get to 1066... but... that's a pretty big jump, so I doubt it would work reliably, if at all.

    Better solution: Don't waste the money on fast RAM in the first place.
  2. Thanks Scotteq,

    I suppose the same will apply if I consider using 800Mhz DDR2 memory modules.

    Actually, I'd be happy to learn if it's ok to use 2 x 2Gb 800Mhz DDR2 memory modules for my GA-8I915G Duo Motherboard, which supports upto 2 x DDR2-533MHz memory modules.

    (For some reason, the retailer I spoke to when requesting the same was adamant that this would not work. I wouldn't have suggested getting the 800MHz RAM if the 533Mhz RAM was available)

    Apologies if my query sounds redundant, this is the first time I'm upgrading memory.

    Memory Noob :??:
  3. DDR2-800 modules should work fine but will only run at DDR2-533 speed - Faster memory can be used in lower speeds but lower speed rated memory can not always run at the faster speed -- Just make sure that the modules you get run at the correct voltage (not so much a problem with DDR2 modules but there are many different voltages for DDR3 modules and I do not remember if there are also for DDR2 or if they are all the same -- so be sure to check that the ones you get will run at the voltage your MOBO provides and they should work fine !)

    THough there are still alot of DDR2-533 modules available also if you want to get them --- ( NEWEGG LINKIE )
  4. You can get a very cheap motherboard in the 50-70$ range that would support your ram and offer much better specs in general.
  5. Thanks everyone,

    I don't want to toast my mobo by being an idiot. Will look through the mobo manual again to see if there are any hidden risks.

    Memory Noob :??:
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