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:hello: im upgrading my rig. evga P55 LGA1156 4GB PC12800 blu-ray drive. 22inch 1680x1050 1tb drive windows xp/7 core i5-750. i plan on overclockng now which pair of cards should i buy 2x 5970s in CF or 2 4870x3s in CF. i know the 5 is better but i cant find it in stock anywhere and is the price worth a gain over the 4. also would i be facing any bottle necks?

i should have metioned that in the very near future i will be using a 42inch 1080p 240hz hdtv as my display. money is no issue here. those two cards are what ive decided on. i want to run GTAIV at that res everything max, no lag.

ok last edit... what about 2 4890s. i will be doing most of my gaming in windows xp. not many of my games are supported on 7.
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  1. If a game is not supported in 7, it will not need either of those setups listed. At the very least, any game made in the Vista era will run fine on 7 (as will many XP era games).
  2. 4870 will run fast!
  3. Wow, spending alot, I would recommend a single 5970.

    The 5970 is simply two 5870 underclocked for various reasons, but that does not mean you cant take it up to the speeds of two 5870's, which ofcourse would mean saving monies from buying and crossfiring two 5870's.

    Personally, I would only get a single 5870 or 5850, their speeds and features are more than enough for now.

    Want more speed and ready for future upgrades, get the 5970.
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