Auzentech X-Fi Forte question

I am running Headphones and 5.1 Speakers through my Forte soundcard simultaneously and am experiencing a small issue.

When I switch to Headphones(using Entertainment Mode) sound will only play through my Headphones, which is normal. When I switch to 5.1 Speakers, sound plays through my Speakers AND my Headphones. I don't believe this to be correct as when I first got the card it was not doing this(I think).

Is it supposed to work like this? I'm pretty sure when you switch to each respective device, sound should only be playing through that device. It is annoying to hear sound through both devices at the same time when 5.1 is selected. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling different drivers but that doesn't work. Can someone with a Forte test this out? Or even someone with an X-Fi card that uses the Console Launcher.

Any insight on this would be great. Thanks.
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  1. There is a review on Newegg that complains of the same thing. He has resorted to using an extension headphone cord and physically unplugging his headphones when he doesn't want them. Why can't these hardware guys get it through their heads that programming is a different skill and hire somebody who knows what they're doing to write the drivers?
  2. Yeah it is pretty retarded. I love the card in all senses except for this, but I'm pretty damn sure when I first installed the card it didn't do this. I turned the PC on one day and it is now doing it...I need someone with a Forte to tell me if they're getting the same thing or not so I can know how to proceed.
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