My processor speed jacks to the max on certain web pages?

Hi Friend,

my system has a P4 2.8 with 1GB RAM and 96MB shared memory..... When browsing certain web pages my processor jacks it speed to max...this also happend when i run certain movie clips... MY OS is Win XP pro SP2....

When this happens i cannot scroll through the web page or move a window (it doesnt freeze but sort of lags in movements across the desktop).....

WHy thos happense? how can i fix it?

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  1. You probably have a background process hogging all the CPU cycles. Bring up Task Manager and look at the Processes Tab to see what's running.

    I am guessing the you are using Internet Explorer. Try switching to Firefox to see if the problem goes away.
  2. Hi friend

    yes i use IE 7 hmmm i dont use Firefox because i use IE for my app development ....
    i just dont want Firefox crashing my Visual studio etc :)

    THis even happens when i play a song from windows player i use media player 10

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