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I recently purchased a Solid State Drive with my new build, about 3 weeks ago. After installing windows 7 I noticed that this drive was NOT fast. AT ALL. Mostly booting and installing programs became super slow. This drive was on sale (go figure) for $80. I now cannot get a refund on this SSD. There never was a refund policy. So I want to try to use it instead of making it a useless box that sits in my case.

I have since installed Windows 7 64-bit onto my 7200rpm 1TB drive. It is a 6Gb/s drive, which I believe is SATA 3. My other system specs. are on my profile. When I go into disk management, I cannot even see the drive. I figured I would find it there to format at least. No luck. I have heard that some of these drives just need to be optimized correctly. If this drive follows that, then I would like to get a bit of help from the community. :D

This is a link to the newegg page that I ordered it from:

Thanks in advance for any help!
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  1. You're certain the port your ssd was on was set to ACHI or Raid? I can't really think what you might have got setup incorrectly, but that SSD should be a very noticeable improvement over the 7200 rpm drive even if the 7200 is rated 6Gb/s and the SSD is 3Gb/s.

    I would start over installing Win 7 to the SSD and troubleshoot it from that point.
  2. What is the brand and model of your motherboard? MSI 990FXA-GD80?
  3. yeah thats the motherboard model. And I was very careful setting up my build. I will check the modes. Last time I changed it during troubleshooting and it didn't read either of my drives.
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