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I need information in English and i need it to go through all the steps of installation i am going CRAZY :ouch: !!! no wait! i'm going insane :pt1cable: ! i can't get past the cmd prompt at the first part of installation it can't find the source path. I would like to use this at some point. can someone give my step by step directions. this does not make my happy :pfff:
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  1. To help us assist you, please provide more information:

    1) Decribe the issue you are having in detail. For example if its with a specific piece of equipment, include the make and model.
    2) When was it last working normally? Since then, did you add/remove any software or hardware?
    3) What steps have you already tried to resolve the problem? (rebooted, searched google, etc)
  2. Sorry I was replying to someone, I need help to use windows xp portable I installed it to my flashdrive, I followed the information at but i don't know how to run it or how to do anything can u find out what i can do next?
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