How to unlock M.I.T option in the bios

I wanted to overclock my processor which is Intel core2duo 1.80ghz. so after a long search i found that you can overclock a processor from the bios menu by accessing M.I.T option but when i tried there was no M.I.T option. can you help guys? can you tell me a way how can make that option visible in the bios menu , i have GA-945GCM-S2L motherboard. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks is advance :)
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  1. Take a look here at this

    Then this

    and if that's appropriate to your needs...I guess the key is appropriately f5 to enable this optimization.

    Do some reading on it to see if it will do what your looking for!

  2. I cannot download the f5 bios can you give me another link please!?
  3. Try this one friend...softpedia almost always works for me!
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