Biostar A785G3 vsTA785G3

Hello, I'm trying to decide on a decent budget motherboard for basic computing, maybe for an HTPC later on. These look like the best option in this price range, for DDR3.

What's the difference between the A785G3 and TA785G3? I compared them on newegg and couldn't spot the difference. Does anyone have a suggestion for which is better, or a third option in a similar price range?
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    At first glance, the most significant difference I can see based on biostar website are as follows:
    A785G3 - this supports ACC ( automatic clock calibration ) useful for unlocking locked CPU cores and overclocking as well as the new X6 Thubans.

    You can check for more difference ( although I think they are not significant ) from these links:

    Both will be good for HTPC but if you are buying an Athlon II X3 or a Phenom II X2 or X3, it will be better to get the A785G3 to get a chance at unlocking cores.
  2. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    What is ur budget for the mobo?
  3. Whoops, the new message notification went to my spam folder! Late reply!

    I was hoping to keep the mobo under $75 after rebates, combo deals, whatever. I'll probably be using an athlon x4, but I'd still probably rather have a board with more features like core unlocking, in case I wanted to shuffle parts around in the future. However, this is my first build and so I won't be doing anything fancy in the near future.

  4. Well, if u want a X4 the core unlocking don't have sense.

    A good mobo for ur need is this ASUS M4A79XTD EVO is more expensive but much better and solid that the Biostar that u want and have many features that could be useful for u.
  5. Well, the core unlocking would be for the potential future scenario of me building an htpc with an x2 or x3, and moving the x4 to a better motherboard. I'd just rather keep my options open for re-use of parts.

    I should also mention that for the current mobo, I am looking for onboard graphics, since a video card is not in my budget right now. So that knocks out your suggestion. It sure does look like a great board, tho...

  6. Ok.

    This Gigabyte have onboard video but cost twice the Biostar but with much better quality.
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