Final rs.60000 build....suggestions

:hello: hello guys...
i have finalized by pc components....
but am confused about the processor and motherboard.......

date of buying:end of december

budget:60000-65000 rupees(indian currency)

system usage:gaming and surfing

i dont have any in india we have to buy from the stores......
so people tell me if my final config is ok or not...


crossfire/sli :yes(in a few months will add another card)

components required :need everything

graphics card: ati 5770 (should i buy ati 4890 ?? )

chasis:cooler master cm 690

psu:corsair tx750

master drive:250gb segate
slave drive :1 tb segate

logitech mouse + keyboard combo

24x dvd writer:lg or samsung

ram:2 gb for now(will add 6 gb more in next month )

20" lcd widescreen from benq

creative 5.1 speakers

now my question is should which should i buy ??
a) [ core 2 quad Q9550 2.83 ghz + asus P5Q-E ]
b) [ i5 750 + gigabyte GA P55 UD3R ]

and plzz suggest me a cpu cooler for ur choice within 40$....

plzz help me.....
thanks in advance .........
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  1. Go with Option B for your CPU & MOBO! Your RAM will need to be DDR3 for this option

    Can you change your HDD to either a Western Digital Black or Samsung Spinpoint F3 for your Master Drive? These are faster drives and will provide better performance to your system?

    I would go with the 5770 over the 4890, if equally priced or less to give you DX11 support for down the road. If the 4890 is cheaper, I would get it since it will provide a little better gaming performance.

    As for a CPU cooler, I recommend the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus. It is a great cooler for the price!

    Good Luck!!
  2. and yes i will get the samsung spin point...its gr88 man...thnks tecmo....
  3. and yes man...both 4890 and 5770 are of same in price in my area !!!!!!
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