Can my PC take a Nvidia GeForce GTX 260?

I just got a new Sony Full HD tv which is nice! But when I play CoD and Crysis etc. it lags which is annoying when you want optimal resolution. The graphic card I have now is a Nvidia GeForce 8800GT which worked out fine on the other monitor which was 1366x768 but now it's 1920x1080 which is a big difference. So I began looking for a new graphic card and I found out that the GTX 260 probably would be good enough for me. But I checked my motherboard specs and saw it only had PCI Express x16 instead of PCI Express 2.0 x16. My motheroard is a Gigabyte P35C-DS3R. So I googled just to be sure and saw this thread somewhere in the world where everybody replied "yeah it can take it" and other stuff like "yeah why would there be any issues?". But just be sure I wanted to ask someone myself. I have a 500w power supply which will be enough but I don't know the model. If you need it then please tell me a program that says the model. I've tried Belarc Advisor.

Please report back asap!
Thank you!!! :sol:
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  1. Oops... The link to that thread is here:
  2. yes it will but what brand is that psu?
  3. I don't know...
  4. open up and take a look
  5. I will but I have guests that's why I haven't done that. I'll reply when theyr'e gone!
  6. thats fine
  7. Before I open it. Can the motherboard take it???
  8. yes pcie 2.0 x16 is backwards compatible with pcie 1.0 x16 which is what your 8800 was working with
  9. Lol nvm I'll check now.
  10. Ok so my psu is kinda weird... The store I bought it from has set their own name on the psu so I can't see company that made it... But here's a pic of it:
    It says:
    Zitech Fan Controlled ATX12V POWER SUPPLY
    Serial no.: 7K001697

    Didn't find anything on google...

    There's also a cable I need two of. I don't know the name of this cable but here's a pic:

    Do you think I can get some kind of adapter to use with a molex???
  11. well yes you can get an adapter but i think you gonna be cutting it close with that power supply
  12. Ok. But have some other questions now:
    1. What graphic card would you recommend me to buy if I run a resolution on 1920x1080 on Call of Duty, Crysis and Mass Effect and other kinds of "big" games.
    2. What psu would you recommend if I need a new one as minimum?
    3. Do you have a link to that molex adapter?

    Thank you! :D
  13. there is hardly a card out there that will max crysis my 5870 starts breaking a sweat on crysis over 1680x1080 with 8x aa

    but for your current needs well depending on budget get the
    5850 if not that the 4890

    currently a very good deal is the corsair tx650 i believe this is it
  14. Ok thanks! I'll probably go with the 5850. So if I buy that could I just go with the adapter or would I have to buy a new psu?
    And I have one HDD and a Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 cpu. Just so you can get a better idea of my pc.
  15. Anyone..?
  16. ...
  17. Ok. Since I don't think anyone knows the answer to my last question then I'm just probably gonna buy the Radeon 5850 and the little adapter and if it won't turn on I'll put in my 8800 GT and buy a new psu. But thanks for answering my main question!
  18. you could get away with a 5850 since it uses bout as much power as your 8800

  19. Nice! But I'll still need a 6-pin cable converter for the new gfx right? Since it uses 2.
  20. yes you would
  21. obsidian86 said:
    yes you would

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