SATA hdd not recognized under AHCI

as the topic says. the hdd is recognized when ran under IDE in bios, but this causes a problem with the intel something soemthing software. it just constantly uses 25 percent of my cpu. so, on one hand ahci on, one of my storage drives dont show up but my cpu idles at 0 ish and on the other hand i can see my hdd fine but the cpu wont quit. help! lol
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  1. Under AHCI you need drivers for it to work(XP).

    What are your full system specs.
    Windows XP? Vista? 7

    Swapping one to the other is not always fun, but for a storage drive not the os drive is should not be bad.
  2. you can see my hardware under more information, im running windows 7 64 bit enterprise

    the hard drive is a wd black 1 terabyte
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    What mode were the controllers set to when you installed the OS? If they were set to IDE, then you may very well be lacking drivers.

    My personal approach would be to do a complete just-in-case backup, boot from the OS distribution DVD, and do a Repair Install. It works so often!
  4. alright thanks guys. definately have a direction to go with this. i probably did install with ide on and switched to ahci tho i cant remember. =]
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