Abit KG-7 RAID & ECC Memory

I have an old Abit KG-7 RAID with an AMD 1800+ CPU. For the longest time I had been using some Samsung 256MB (x2) ECC memory that it turns out was not DDR-266 , but actually DDR-200. So in effect the memory had been overclocked somewhat all these years. I purchased the board brand new when it came out..so long ago.

Anyways I have now 4x Hynix 1GB DDR-266 CL2.5 ECC memory. Problem is I can not get all 4 sticks to run. Not only that, whether I put 1, 2, 3, or 4 in, if I enable ECC the machine will not load (no screen). Thus I have to clear the CMOS. With 4 sticks no matter what settings I get no screen.

All last night I had 2x sticks running fine. Then I added the 2x old Samsung DDR-200. Everything seemed fine. Then I tried to load a VM and got the IRQL_LESS....BSOD. Fine. I take the DDR-200 out and machine runs fine. I had in one more Hynix stick and once again get a BSOD (same IRQL).

So I load up memtest86, which reports each stick as fine. However, when I had 2x sticks in I got error messages. Now it should be noted that this memory does run very hot, hotter than any memory I have ever seen. Should I conclude that putting in more than one stick, since they are so close together, is simply too much? The computer itself is well cooled, CPU never has reached threshold, and drives are warm (not hot).

Thoughts please? I am going insane trying to get this machine up and running as I need to run several VMs.
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  1. Check in the BIOS that the memory setting are correct (timings, voltage) it is possible the BIOS had auto set them incorrectly, verify the settings against the memory manufacturers spec sheet.
  2. that was a great board,,,i had one too.....the athlon boards were fairly quick with the right hardware......
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