Core I7 860 and BioStar TH55XE

I am going to buy the Biostar TH55XE mother board and I need your advices , is the processor I7 860 have graphic integrated that I can use with this motherboard which has built in vga out ?

I checked Intel site for information about i7 860 but I found that they write
"NO" in front of "Integrated Graphics" feature

is that mean I can not use it as a built in graphic card ? if not which processor I can use as a built in graphic card

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  1. any replay ???
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    Only the dual core i3/5s have the on-die graphics chip on them. All Core i7 processors and the Core i5 750 do not have them.
  3. so is it bad to buy i7 860 for this board ?
  4. Not if you can afford a graphics card.
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