Gaming HDD ?

i am aware that prices are sky rocketing i dont know if i should buy now or in a month. I dont know to much about HDD and im new to building but i got one fo these 2 in mind. Keep in mind this build will be going for gaming.

Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX 500GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive


Western Digital Caviar Green WD7500AARX 750GB IntelliPower 64MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Or anyone got somethign else in mind im trying to stay below 100 $
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  1. The WD Black and the Samsung F3 are faster than the WD Green. For $100 you can buy a 1 TB or larger hard disk.
  2. where at ? can you post a link to them plz. Thnx
  3. For Western digital, the best is the Blacks. followed by the Blues then the Greens for storage and low heat/power drives.

    Generally the Greens have longer access times(takes longer for the head to get to the needed data) then the blue and black drives.

    I am not sure if the Blacks are faster now(I know the 2tb one is very fast and hot), but my blue 1tb was in fact faster then a single 640gb Black was.

    As for the prices, yes they are on the way up, i watched a Seagate drive that I had picked up for basic pc systems go from about 50-60(ST31000524AS) dollars to 100 dollars in a matter of days. This is due to a supply issue from the flooding overseas
  4. Here the Spec you should look forward to getting a gaming HDD:
    1TB(Or 500GB at least)
    64MB Cache(Only comes in 6Gb/s)
    6Gb/s (This(The Gb/s) doesn't really matters as it doesn't improve performance at all)
    Quiet(The WD Green is quiet)
    3.5" size(Better performance than those 2.5" - Not those 2.5 SSD)

    Note: If you just want to game than a SSD is recommended... Get a "Vertex 3 120GB Max IOPS" because it's one of the best right now for performance...
    BTW, If you see 1TB over $100, dont buy because in the last few week, it rise $40(I Saw one from $120 to $160) Average or so... SSD is the better choice!!!...
  5. On the NCIX forums, they expect this price increase to last for a while. that said, i do not think it will stabilize in the next month.
  6. F*** HDD now lol, SSD is a better option unless price is rising as too(Probably twice more than HDD if it rise)... Price is increasing rapidly(By 10-20% or so) due to japan and other city/country near it... Extra money going to help them...
  7. Will be the best bet for you right now. Or if you do not mind the Recertified. The only thing better, minus a bigger one is SSD. Which considering you budget is not feasible. Unless you only need 60GB

    I personally would wait for the prices to drop because there are much higher then normal.
  8. darn . I need an HDD lol, i don't got any so either way i am stuck. I am wondering if there will be any good ones at the end of November or if they will get higher.
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