How do I get Back my local Drives or reinstall them?

I had three local disk drives drive C:/ and D:/ and E:/ after I combine two of my computers. Since one of the drives were from another of my computers and I wanted to clean them and eliminate all other programs and software saved on the drives and just have a clean slate to store other software that I wanted and games on the other drive that I have one of the Drives D: had a partition on it making a E: drive on the computer. So that would have been great to have all three but now since using the Killdisk software they no longer Show up in My computer. The only thing visible is the Local C:/ and nothiing else do I need to do I need to reinstall the hardware or is it unrepairable or configure a partition on the second drive to get it back again or something please help?
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  1. You loaded "kill disk?" I don't understand why...but it probably killed the disk.
    Loading "free" programs from the internet is a BIG mistake. Now maybe you have learned not to do that anymore.
  2. Yes, Most Definitely I was a lesson hard learned but I went into My Computer and Computer maintenance and click on storage both disk were still there So I formatted the D drive and divided the Drive into to partition and presto and I had all three drives back. Don't tell me what you cant do when you panic. lol
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