((Asus M4A89GTD Pro)) Onboard sound issue

Hello everyone,

Recently got a new computer but there's a concerning issue with the motherboard's onboard sound card. (M4A89GTD Pro)


CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 965 Black Edition
CPU Cooler: CoolerMaster V8
RAM: 8GB (4 x 2GB) Kingston HyperX DDR3 1600
HD: 300GB Western Digi VelociRaptor + 1TB SATA-II
Motherboard: ASUS M4A89GTD Pro
PSU: Corsair 950W
GPU: ASUS 1GB Radeon HD 5870
Case: In-Win Ironclad (Comes with 250mm side fan)
Monitor: ASUS 24" VW246H 2ms HDMI

The issue is that when I plug in my stereo speakers, the sound produced is muffled with some static. Overall, disgusting sound and I have Harman/Kardon speakers (2 speakers, 1 sub). There are two plugs (one lime green, one black) and I connect them to the corresponding colors on the audio inputs and the sound produced is ghastly. It is not crisp and my phone's ringtone is better than what I am hearing. I truly believe there is a problem here, not that I am judging the quality of sound... I believe something is not functioning properly. Sometimes the sound is either somewhat muffled or muffled beyond recognition. (Plugging either the lime green or black plug into the lime green jack makes no difference. As long as one is in the lime green jack, audio is heard but obviously terrible.)

I have had these speakers for a few years and they have served two previous computers magnificently. Like I said, judging from other reviews I had read about the onboard sound on this Asus, I cannot fathom that it's just "that bad".
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  1. Have you tried updating the drivers?
    If you have, are there any front panel audio jacks?
    Is there still an audio problem if you try it with headphones or another set of speakers?
  2. Drivers updated, no change.

    There are front panel jacks (mic/headphones via In-Win Ironclad case AND mic headphones via Ultra MD3 media/fan display). I unplugged the "Audio"" connector from the motherboard's front panel audio port (I guess its a port..)

    That did not change anything. If I plug headphones into either jack, sound still comes out my speakers.
  3. Just to add, the only connection I found was from the Ultra MD3 "Audio" leading into the motherboard.

    When I try and see settings with the RealTek Sound Manager, there is a front panel audio jack that I can "configure" so to speak. I made sure its set to "headphones", and when I plug in my head phones I get a ringing noise, versus when it's set to something else, I hear nothing.

    Tried another set of speakers, same shoddy and muffled sound is produced.
  4. Sounds like the Audio chipset then. Maybe yo can try disabling the onboard audio and plugging in a PCI audio card (if you can find/borrow one). The only other thing I can think of would be some wierd BIOS audio setting that we are missing.
  5. Is it worth a shot trying to update the BIOS?

    Also, (Asus btw) how can I access my BIOS settings? I read somewhere about an audio setting that was not allowing another person to have their audio setup correctly (something about choosing 'enabled' instead of 'auto'.)

    I've heard its best to leave BIOS alone unless there is a serious issue with the computer, maybe that's not true but if you could offer your input on that, I'd be greatful.

    I received a response from another user on the Windows 7 board saying that since the chipset is so new, there may not have been a driver released to update it or whatnot (as in, directly pertaining to the ALC892).

    I am very thankful of the time you took to look over my problem and respond to canadian69! I have thought about inserting my old sound card (still a very awesome sound card) and seeing if it changes anything. Not being lazy but if I can possibly avoid that until the last thing, that'd be best. Obviously I want everything working in the end, I just shouldn't have had this problem when others have reviewed the same board and loved the sound.
  6. Tested 2 sets of speakers and plugged in my headphones to the rear jack and got the same terrible sound.
  7. I had the same problem and it is not a mobo or tecnology problem, is a ground problem, this is common in profesional audio. make sure to use all the screws to secure the mobo to the chasis, if you noted there is solder points around the holes this is for GROUND conecction. my problem was that i used some plastic screws and once i replaced whit the rigth ones (conductive metal in the mounting plate screws and conductive screws to secure) the noise gone. obviously the pc have to be conected to a grounded electric network (all electronic device have to), ground is the third pin of the plug.

    in simple words, the noise is caused for lost electrons that do not find another way that your speakers due to a lack of ground conection.
  8. I just built a new system and am having this issue as well...almost identical system. I used all the motherboard screws but am using the risers that came with the cooler master case because of my gigantic CPU fan. The risers are also metal, so I can't see this being an issue... I'm at a loss here...
  9. I solved this by changing the front panel audio connector plug (at bottom left of motherboard) to the 1 marked AC 97, & changing the front panel audio setting in the bios to AC 97. P 2-35 of asus manual says by default its set up for HD, which seems to give a muffled sound with my speakers, but is ok with headphones. To enter bios hit del at start of boot, & look around with arrow keys
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