Why wont Google Chrome work?

Ive downloaded and installed google chrome a bunch of times because after i install it , when i click on the google chrome button nothing happens. So i delete it and download it agian but still nothing works.
I also have installed comodo firewall , does this have anything to do with the problem?
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  1. Check your permissions in Comodo,because the firewall settings can be pretty aggressive in that software
  2. Yeah. Comodo's firewall can be a pain.
  3. So how can i change my comodo settings? Or should i ditch comodo and get a different free firewall?
  4. Comodo is a great firewall but usually needs tweaking
  5. hadisami8 said:
    So i delete it and download it again but still nothing works.

    U have deleted it or uninstall it and re-installed it again? 2 different things

    When it asks u to OK or Deny certain alert, make sure the programs that u know(the programs u have installed already) get OK, or Comodo will stop them from accessing the internet.
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