Is it worth getting in a fight with my wife over a $500 video card?

That new Elder Scrolls MMO they are advertising looks crazy good. Halo 4 should be comming soon to...? I don't have a card yet. I may be willing to risk devorce over this. (risk vs reward) :pt1cable: :D Why does building a computer have to be so damn expensive.... :cry:
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  1. Here's how it works at my house, I get my computer desires, she gets a new car, do the math!
  2. If your playing kiddie fantasy games, your marriage is probably already doomed, so hey go for it.
  3. 4Ryan6 said:
    Here's how it works at my house, I get my computer desires, she gets a new car, do the math!

    I'd say you got a deal,Ry : )
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    get a 6990 for like 3-400 and you can dodge a divorce and get a sweet card, or even a 590. Than later you can get a another one and you can have the best of both worlds
  5. Fight with wife over a graphic card :o . "Finally Rise of the machines" :D
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  7. Good luck finding a 6990 for 300-400 or a 590 for that price. Just sold a 590 buy it now on ebay for $600 plus shipping. There is still high demand for these cards, even 5970s are going for nutsy prices.
  8. You may want to get a 670 when it comes out on the 10th of may. Will handle Skyrim and won't cut into your wifes funds hehe. Women.....
  9. You should probably offer something equally significant in return to increase your chances for getting a great card. The next thing would be to take into account your budget. What are you sacrificing to get this card, and why would your wife be pissed?
  10. being a gentleman you should always make the first move and take a step back and yield to the lady. perhaps she is not feeling comfortable with the current finantial situation at the moment. i would wait it out for a few weeks until things settle down a bit and ask her again.
    family come first, and you're the man of the family and should act like one. don't let a $500 video card break your character.

  11. Give it as present for ur childrens :P
    Assuming u've any...anyway, thumbs up for xxcysxx
  12. The white lie was invented so as not to hurt the ones we love.

    eg. "Wow grandma I needed a pair of red knitted socks!"

    As long as you aren't running out of money just get what you want. Ps as i understand the 6990 sounds like a jet engine. Get one of the newer ones HD7950/7970/gtx680 much better heat/power/sound profiles
  13. go nuts and buy a GTX 690 like me (if I can get one). Only $1000!
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