Best Nvidia Card Under 200$

Title says it all just looking for a good video card under 200 to upgrade from my 8800 gt.

was looking at this one a 260 gtx

if any other nvidia cards that are better that me know for the price is what im looking at.
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  1. already did or i wouldnt be asking it compares 2 cards >.>
  2. Edited

    That is from Frys. Not sure if you have one in your area, but it's basically the same price as the card you listed, but it also has a Mail in rebate for $30.00 making it $159.99 after the rebate.

    Or you can get this one

    It's the same GTX 260, but it's 216 shaders+ superclocked. It's the 55nm core one too. It's $219.99-$30.00 mail in rebate making it $189.99

    BUT HURRY. The deal ends in 1 day, December 3rd, 2009.
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