30% - 50% CPU usage.

It started when i was copying over a lot of music files (19GB) from my external hard-drive over to my 500GB HDD, (i have two the 250GB HDD is where windows is installed) while copying the files the computer suddenly crashed and reset itself, it started to do a disk check (i had unplugged the External HDD from the USB port by this point) and i let it run through.

Now i can't log onto my user profile once windows has started up (though all the files and documents related to that profile are intact) and windows task manager is telling me that my CPU Usage is constantly around 30% - 50% even though when i look no processes are causing this. This is causing quite a lot of slow down with my PC (and a lot of programs are going unresponsive)

My specs are as follow AMD Dual core Phenom II 545 3.0ghz 2GB ram 8800GT 250GB HDD, 500GB HDD

I would greatly appreciate any help thank you.
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  1. Normally the worst offender is a virus or malware running on your PC - so first things first amke sure both AV and anti spyware software are up to date and have scanned your PC.

    Next check task manager under the process tab - usually "system idel process" should be 98/99 if its not and something else in the process tabs list is using more CPU resources then thats the culprit.
  2. Be sure to check "show processes from all users"

    Do a scan for spyware/malware/ virii etc.
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