Unable to view video from my NEX-5N Sony

Hello, What do I need to view my NEX-5N videos.
I installed all of the sony software except the blue ray portion which i do not have capability to do.
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  1. Sony is a big pain to deal with because they are only one of companies that "charges" for drivers.
    You phone them up, pay them $50 and get the missing software or pass codes.
    This is why I would never buy a sony computer.
  2. I'm not very computer savy. I would like to use my computer to create
    a DVD of my videos made by my sony NEX 5 camera, to view on my TV. Are you telling me I need to buy another sony program to do this. My windows media player does not play these videos. What program do I need just to view the videos I down loaded to my computer.?
    Thanks for your answer.
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