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Hello everyone I would like a second opinion and any thoughts you might have on a new build for my old man. He wants a I5 system so here is what I have.

Price range is $700

Motherboard $169.99 (combo 1 off $20)

CPU $199

Cooler $39.99 (have better thoughts? Will be overclocking)

Power Supply $108 ($20 MIR) (part of combo 1)

Memory $95.99

HDD $54.99

His case is a Antec 900 and a Acer 22'' 1680x1050 monitor.

Please know the cooler is sold out on newegg but other places to buy it. I am looking for a good overclocking on air with it.

Few questions.
I am also fighting my Q6600 uses a Xigmatek S1283 but I thought about buying a V8 for myself to get 3.4-3.6ghz is it worth it or would the cooling not warrant the price?

The motherboard has 8x8 for SLI/Crossfire I was reading it wont be a hinder to performance as its enough bandwidth is this true? I doubt he will be doing any SLI but if later he finds World of Warcraft and Guilde Wars boring and try a game he can't play with lets say for now a GTX260 then it would be nice to be able to buy another to make up for it vs buying a new card.

Anything out there at a better price or anything that I should upgrade? I don't plan to buy him a GPU till he finds a game he wants to play (which could be a few months)
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    Most people do not know that the i750 processor and P55 motherboards actually outperform the i920 processor and X58 motherboards because the i750 system is the latest technology from Intel. The X58 motherboards are old technology that is due for an upgrade soon. Some recent studies have confirmed that the P55 platform (i750 and i860 processors) performs better than the X58 platform (i920 process) for either one or two-crossfired graphics cards:,2403-4.html

    These studies show that the two PCIe X8 buses in the P55 motherboard do not limit the bandwidth because the P55 computers outperform the X58 computers in the Tom's Hardware link I provided above. What is even more important is that you will save about $200 (Processor, Motherboard, and RAM) by buying a i750/ P55 computer when compared to a i920 / X58 computer.

    With the P55 motherboards, you get better perfomance at a reduced cost compared to the X58 motherboards. Aren't technoloy advances wonderful?
  2. I see well thank you very much for those links. The odds of him upgrading before the GPU dies out will be minimal (upgrades once every 4-5 years) but if does I wanted to make sure I am setting him up as asked.

    Any ideas on the cooler though by chance?
  3. I am sorry, I do not know anything about that particular CPU cooler. You need to make sure it will work with the 1156 socket, and Newegg is a little sloppy in updating their specification sheets for CPU coolers.

    I do know that the Hyper 212, Xigmatek Dark Knight, and Zalman CNPS10X all have coolers for the 1156 socket.

    Good luck.
  4. I see well thank you for your help I appreciate it.

    Soon as I get the cooler replied to ordering the new system :)
  5. I use the V8 with arctic silver 5 and my i7 920 overclocked to 3.2 GHz doesn't exceed 62 C during prime 95 blend test. Hyperthreading is on, so is turbo boost and I have one of the earlier "steppings" of this processor (C0 not the D0 stepping ones), which in general require more voltage for the same operating range, so more heat. It will do the job well.
  6. I see thank you Mortonww.

    I am ordering the last bit of the system then. Thanks again for the process on that...lot of people talk about the temps but don't give any real information on it to help you judge the worth of a cooler.

    Thanks again.
  7. Twist86 -- You need to make sure the V8 cooler ships with a mounting bracket for the 1156 socket. The Newegg description indicates that it ships with a bracket for a 1366 socket, but says nothing about the 1156 socket. Does anyone know if the V8 cooler ships with a 1156 mounting bracket?
  8. Yeah I ordered it with it...though it rather is sucky....$10 after shipping.

    Considering I dropped $400 at newegg alone I shouldn't have been charged for a item they are just gonna throw inside my single box. I told the newegg rep I wanted it in its own box if they really are charging me shipping on it.

    Also no 1156 bracket doesn't come with the cooler...Tigerdirect shows it on the list but after speaking to the rep it doesn't come with a bracket.

    Thanks for keeping my back guarded though I appreciate it :)
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