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I ordered an HD 5970 but it still on backorder...So I can cancel the order whenever I want. My question is about the power connectors on the HD5970 that is designed to run on 2x8pin power connectors. Would 2x8pin improve overclocking over the 1x8pin+6pin?
I still dont see the advantage of having 2x8pin because people are already reaching 1025Mhz on the core and 1300Mhz on the ram. I mean how much can we squeeze more than that with the 2x8pin connectors?Cant the power supply just send more amps over the 6&8pin?
Will the HD 5970 draw more power by using 2x8pin?
Whats the maximum overclock on a single HD 5870?

Thanks but all those questions just popped in my head at once lol
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  1. The 5970 was clocked at what it is now because it draws less than 300watts. Why 300 watts? The pci-e lane supplies 75w 6pin 75w and the 8pin 150w equaling 300. ATI decided to go with the 6+8 pins because many high end PSUs only have 6+8 rather than dual 8 pins. I would imagine if you tried overclocking the card too much you could run into some power issues as the card will want to draw more than the pins and pci-e lane can handle so two 8pins could improve overclockability/stability.
  2. So only 1 answer here?Cmon. How many amps could the 8&6 pin output?
    Is there a way to solder the extra 2 pins as the board is made to support them?
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    I would say the above answer is pretty clear, I mean they did it for energy reasons. Ocing will be hit hard, in other words, you def won't acheive as high of an OC as 2 5870s but you can atleast oc the 5970 to match a 5870 @ stock.

    If you don't run into power issues you will run into heat issues. So there is alot at stake.
  4. Ok,I got the card yesterday, until now I got it stable at 935/1050 max load temp is 74 with furmark but the temp on VRMs hits 107 max in furmark,in games like crysis they are 71 big difference between games and furmark lol , they handle 120 until throttling. Idle is pretty amazing around 30 compared to the 56 I was getting on an hd 4850 and a gtx280 and that is a dual gpu card. Oc the gpu yields much more performence than oc the ram so I left ram voltage at default and the gpu voltage with msi afterburner at 1.165. Apparently the vrms on the gtx280 and the hd4000 series were also hitting around 100-130 with furmark.
  5. Ok, I have found the cause of the memory not clocking higher. Msi after burner only control the GPU voltage NOT the memory voltage and running the voltage tool provided with the video card called RedLine to increase memory voltage is not compatible with x64 bit systems and they are working on an update for it. So, the 5970 voltages were lowered to keep the 300w thermal specs therefore, its 5870 cores are undervolted, that means that raising the GPU voltage to 1.1625v cant be really called overvolting considering the 5870 cores and it is completely safe as long as you have enough power and good cooling.
  6. Quote:
    So only 1 answer here?Cmon. How many amps could the 8&6 pin output?
    Is there a way to solder the extra 2 pins as the board is made to support them?

    Why don't you do that and take some picutres and tell us how it goes !
    You have the fastest 600 plus dollar video card. Why are you going to try to blow it up ?

    edit: Enjoy your card.
  7. So hers the results:

    Vantage Extreme GPU score X15266 4xAA-16xAF 1080p 935/1150, does that score looks correct or my cpu is bottlenecking Q9550@3.5Ghz?

    What I find strange is that whenever I up the voltage on the ram it freezes even on 1200, 3d apps freeze but I can get in windows and then when I open ati overvoltage utility I see the ram voltage reseted to its default value but the GPU voltage is intact, very strange but at least Ati utility runs under x64.Heat is really not a problem for me as the cores max out at 66 and 71 on VRMs in Crysis and Vantage, furemark is higher though, vapor chamber really makes a difference. However, at stock voltages the memory is stable tested at 1150Mhz which is good enough. I feel alone here lol really? no has an hd 5970? When the 4870x2 came out lots of people got it. I saved a lot of money by buying barely used parts for my pc and by saving from there and there.
  8. Quote:
    I think it's funny that you're trying to max out a video card that currently maxes out every game, even at extreme resolutions. Are you actually having slow frame rates in a game you're trying to play?

    Another reason that the power connectors are 6+8 pin is because of TDP. The average microwave uses 1000W, and takes up a large chunk of counter top space. Your video card uses 300W, and is a mere 1.5"x12" The exhaust can bake cookies.


    If/when prices on a 5870 drop, I would buy a second to Xfire and play crysis on ultra with my 3x 1080p screen setup. But I even think that's overkill, and would only consider it if the cards hit $200 in approximately a year or more (Yay Moore's Law!)

    Oh wells, good luck trying to fry your $600+ video card.

    Lol, really? How can I fry a videocard by giving it its DEFAULT voltage? And especially I am getting 66C max load temp and 71C max temp on VRMs? People are hitting 1030/1350 with higher than standard voltage , I am only using 1.16 which is the Default on the 5870 LOL Also, dont forget that the DEFAULT memory Speed on the 5970 is 1200 by Hynx but ATI lowered the voltages to keep the 300w rule. And its not to deceive you but EVEN Quad Fermi setup or Quad 5970 setup will NOT get you playable fps in Crysis 3x1080p. I know what I am talking about and I feel bad when a video card is performing under its designed speed.
    With 950/1150 HD 5970 Crysis still dip into 30s fps btw. Its confortable to play but I can feel when It hits those 30s, I always like the fps to be 60+ and I feel when it is especially in FPS games.I cant play without AA, it really makes a difference for me, my eyes see it right away lol And I cant crossfire on my HP motherboard LOL Actually if you own the card you can tell that the Vapor Chamber is AMAZING, it is running at much lower temps than my old GTX280 that hits 88 on load and it is a Single GPU card LOL I know that thers people that always fear about overclocking but I am not of them when I m sure of what Im doing, which is ATI own advice LoL Running the card at 5870 default voltage.
    At those voltage the card is 100% stable @ 950/1150 with the memorry being Undervolted( Stock 5970) compared to the 5870.
    Finally, in my country an HD 5870 costs 499$+ Tax and the 5970 was 699.99$, they upped the price to 750$ after I bought it LOL ! For 200$ more I am practicly getting another HD 5870 sounds a good deal and you get the Vapor Chamber cooling and it will be easier to sell after because you dont need a crossfire motherboard and you still have all your PCI slots that I need. Oh ya, Try running Crysis @ 1920x1200(It is still NOT playable @1600p) with Lifesis mod and 8xAA or 4xAA and now you will see how slow it is, same thing with BattleForge and Stalker with Dx11 Tesselation On, tesselation Really improves the graphics but slow the game, makes very big difference btw check Unigine DX11 Benchmark to see the difference by your self.Oh ya, idle temps are around 30 compared to the 56 with the GTX280 that I sold for 200$. Good luck with the 5870 Crossfire, because the first card will always have higher temps because its fan is being blocked by the second card under it , check the temps on reviews. Really, you dont even need water cooling to overclock the card except if you want be hitting 1Ghz+ core speed. All in all, the Vapor Chamber is made to cool 400w as stated by ATI and with the oc I made it is using around 360w.
    And to your notes, I have a 5 years old x800gto bios modded to a x850xt and oc the #$^ of it LoL and It still rocks in my brothers pc with CoD4.I still cant believe that some people bought these cards without the Knowledge that they can unlock the extra pipelines with the 480core for free LoL

    Btw I wonder if the 5870 can do 950Core at stock voltages? Because according to AMD, 5970 GPUs are cherry picked and are higher binned to be able to feet the most performance possible in a 300w envelop. Higher binned means 5870Gpus requiring less power to run let say at 850Mhz makes me remember the opterons stepping trick.

    Now that makes a lot of info lol I hope you read it all LoL You get what you pay for. I always write a lot lol ideas just pops in my head.

    You have to take risks to get on the top, thats how it works xD
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